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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Flood Memories

Thank you everyone for the kind words about my Father in Law.  He has had some good news yesterday, but will have to have more tests and some surgery.  But for now we can breathe a little easier. 

The rain is lashing down here,  absolutely pouring.  It always makes me a bit nervous when it rains like this. 

In April 2007, Northland suffered terrible floods.  It had rained and rained, but I went out to Playgroup anyway.  I shouldn't have because I ended up hiking home, with my son and husband, through the wet and slippery bush, five months pregnant with my second child.  The roads washed out, slips came down and we were marooned at home without power for three days.  But at least we were at home, some people couldn't get home that first night.

When you got to the end of our road, you turned onto State Highway 11.  This was heading south.

I don't think my family ever saw these photos so I'm posting them now.  Lets hope the rains stops soon (ungrateful wench that I am, I've been moaning about the drought, now I'm moaning about the rain!).

This was State Highway 11 heading North.  We couldn't get through either direction.

My waterhole is almost completely full.  The driveway is like a little river and we have a creek in the cow paddock where there wasn't one before.  The ducks, however, are in heaven!  (And it's perfect weather for staying inside and quilting till my heart's content).


  1. Omg, I have never seen those pics! The things we have to do when we're preggers, huh?! At least your drought has broken, did you get the dam fenced off securely in the end? O and W proofed? Glad your FIL is doing ok.

  2. cool pics! I have some of this time too - SH10 just down from Bulls Gorge - we were the last lot of cars to get through in the afternoon and I have pics of the road like a river! It was cool.

    Im exactly the same as you - I get panicy (??) when it rains like this. We've had 50mm since last night - but the skies are blue now so they'll get to you any sec!

    Good news bout your fil, though xx


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