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Monday, May 9, 2011

Flying Geese

I'm having trouble getting motivated to blog lately.  There are a few contributing reasons.  Life seems pretty mundane at the moment after the excitement of Symposium, we've had some not-so-great news about my Father in Law's cancer, my garden is a neglected mess, and the rain is making the animals muddy and unphotogenic!  

But I know that if I ease myself into it gently, I'll probably find my mojo again.  So I'm going to just try and do short, simple posts.  A little snippet of what I'm up to.  Nothing deep and meaningful here, folks - nothing that requires me to think too much. 

So today I'm working on a 21st Birthday Signature Quilt.  I have had all the signed blocks for a while now, so I must knuckle down and knock it off to clear my headspace a little.  The Flying Geese are done, now onto the Bear's Paw and Pinwheel blocks.


  1. I will be watching this space as this looks like it will be a lovely quilt, nice country colours.
    I hope you are feeling more in the groove soon.

  2. My garden has gone to the dogs too...and I have been to the vet twice in two weeks, once with a g.pig and once with a sick bunny so finances have been tight making for a stressful week. Sorry about your FIL (((hugs)))

    Yay for crafting though. I hope you find your happy place again Lottie.

  3. You have just simply had far too much excitement for one quilt lady to handle (slightly mad or not!) I shall watch with interest how the signature block quilt progresses - sounds intriguing - can you post a picture of your plan? And I'm only a bit jealous wishing it was me that was suffering from over-excitement... 2 kids, rainy school holidays... not quite the same.

  4. I hope your mojo returns soon. A signature quilt for a special birthday sounds like a fabulous idea - have fun with it . Sorry to hear about your father in law.

  5. Sorry to hear about your father in law :(

    Im also in a rut with my blog - mum just emailed me to make sure I was ok as I hadn't posted for almost a week! But you're right, I dont have anything to blog about! Weather is guff, veggies are all done, animals are all muddy!!


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