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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Gone the way of the moa...

I bought a fat quarter pack of Moda Lumiere de Noel fabrics today, 50% off.  Normally I would be jumping with joy at finding such a deal, but the fact that our local quilt shop is closing down, hence the discount, has tempered my mood today.

As soon as the kids and hubby were out the door today I knocked off the housework and animal feeding as fast as I could, just so I could spend a good chunk of time with quilting.  And it made a difference - I really felt like I got 'into the groove'.  (Sorry, this post is full of cliches!)

The photo above has my plan for the 21st quilt.  This is how I work out my layouts - on grid paper that I print out (thanks google). 

For the quilt I cut lots of 4 1/2" blocks and got people to sign them.  However, everyone was getting tipsy so most people ignored my requests about leaving a space for a seam allowance, plus there are plenty of lewd comments that H might not want on the front of his quilt.  So I'm making a pieced top, with blues, browns and creams and the back will have all the signed squares appliqued to it in a grid format.

I also managed to bust out these two 8" blocks.  They are part of my first row for a row-by-row round robin that I'm organising for our Guild.  There's something about star blocks that I really like. 

Now it's evening, the kids are in bed, I don't have any books to read, so I'm making myself a peppermint tea and getting back to some piecing. 


  1. You're funny sis, for evening relaxation I make a giant mess in the kitchen, I think I need a 2nd freezer to hold it all. We're off the same tree and I just think it's cool how our minds/thoughts turn in different (yet similar in many ways) directions when we get time to ourselves. I'll always be an amateur seamstress, the kitchen is my domain!

  2. Yumo fabrics, good bargain too. Your stars look great.It is amazing what you can get done some days....and other days not so much...LOL!!!

  3. Ha - sounds like a lovely way to relax of an evening. Mine was spent sorting out book club forms for school - guess who got volunteered to run it this year? Love your star blocks - the colours are gorgeous. Such a shame about the quilt shop.


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