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Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm glad we've evolved past eating lizards.....

I have a headcold and I'm going to use it as an excuse to not write anything new and inspired, but to dredge up some old photos I don't think I showed you.

Snails anyone?  We went to a friends for a mini Wildfood Festival.  Rules were simple,  dishes must be made with as many 'wild' ingredients as possible.

Just for proof when he's 21 - those are snails my boy is eating.  He enjoyed them.  Mind you, he has also enjoyed eating huhu grubs raw and wriggling too. (Images of huhu grubs here.)

Apparently the fried possum with kumara mash was delicious.  Something put me off trying it.....

We also got to sample Kentucky Fried Duck, Pavlova with Manuka Honey and Stewed Loquats, Wild Pork, Venison Pizza, Taro Fritters, and lots of yummy seafood.

It was such a success that our hosts are planning to make it an annual affair.  I'm hoping I'm not picked as a judge - judges have to taste everything!


  1. Happy to eat bugs and stuff - but turn their noses up at "normal" stuff like peas and beans! Won't catch me eating anything that has slime as a phycical attribute - or still has their claws attached YUK!

  2. Hmm - reminds me of Blondie chewing up slaters when she was little. She used to spit them out and give them back to me though!!

  3. Ha ha, he looks to be the age that he'd just love that photo being on your blog!!

    Oh my goodness that possum dish - unbelievable!

    The pavlova sounds yummy - a great topping combination.

  4. I think the huhu grubs would be my downfall - like no way!!!

    As for that possum - serves it right and hope it was tasty



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