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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mummy, I want a horse.

If there are any plus sides to funerals, it is that family gather together.  On the weekend, we lunched at Uncle M's farmlet.  He's a bit of a horse whisperer - he is a barefoot trimmer and rides bridleless.  The kids love him, and not just because they get to ride the horses!

First order of the day is grooming.  My daughter has no fear and weaves her way through the patient horses legs without a care.

Second order of the day, help saddle the horse.  This one is Jellybean, a quarter horse and matriarch of the herd.

The other horse is Misty, tall and graceful. 

I love this shot of the other horses looking on.  None of them are really suitable for kids, so it's always Misty and Jellybean who do the honours.

Good fun was had by all, tinged with a little sadness because we all knew the reason we were together.

Hopefully we will all gather together again here at Christmas time for our annual camping trip.  No doubt Jellybean and Misty will get another workout.


  1. that looks brilliant! It would have been my idea of childhood bliss. I used to love riding, but havent been on a horse for years - this is even more daft as I have 2 good friends with horses who say to come out any time... maybe I don't go because I'm scared I'll be hooked and then also want a horse of my own! I'm glad you all had a good time, even if it was tinged with sadness.
    Oh Charlotte, I have 4 boy chickens - are you interested? No pressure at all, just thought I'd ask. xx

  2. (((hugs))) animals are therapeutic during times of stress. When my husband and I separated, my daughter spent alot of time with her horse. It was her way to get through....thinking of you.

  3. How fabulous to have horses suitable for this sort of riding. Its strange isn't it - we have had some lovely family times since Dad got sick - in spite of the sadness; maybe times like this help us to remember what life is all about?.

  4. A lovely coming together for the family - albeit for a sad reason as you said. It's a natural order of things isn't it, the gathering and remembering.


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