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Monday, October 3, 2011

All in the eye of the beholder.

 I made a flower to applique to a quilt.

 I liked it so much that I made another one.

 Then somebody (in fact, several somebodies) told me they look like chickens.

Chickens?  I thought I was the chicken crazy one.  They are FLOWERS people.  

They are most certainly NOT chickens.


  1. ok I think they look like chickens too! sorry! How about a chicken flower?

  2. I don't care that they look like chickens. They look great. Meg has told me she doesn't care either. Grant however cannot stop laughing. ;-p

  3. I asked Blondie what she thought and she said CHICKENS!! But she loves them as flowers too ;)

  4. Oh gorgeous pictures - your chicken-flowers are so much fun!!

  5. I can only see chickens now!!!!!

    I did a fancy embroidery long time back and mum asked why there was a scottie dog in it :) Now I can only see that dratted dog! Its supposed to be shadows on the water.


  6. I have to confess that I thought these where chickens...until I read the text...and then I could SEE they were flowers...chicken flowers LOL!

    I think they are beautiful!

  7. They are hilarious. Remember the chickens sitting on the beer cans...?? You know my applique basket quilt with the flower sprigs around the border - was asked why I was appliqueing Piglet around the edge... Piglet! Of all things. Will put a picture on my blog.

  8. before I even started reading I thought Chickens!
    But now they have stems and leaves they look like flowers. You with have to call it chicken flowers, or similar when you name it. Or chickens in the garden and make everyone ask where the chickens are. ;-)

  9. Sorry I'm in the chicken group!

  10. Me too, gorgeous, floral chickens. They're beautiful :D)

  11. yep ... they looked chooky as soon as I saw them too - definitely "chicken flowers" ;-)
    - Andrea
    (who came here from the link in your e-mail on the AusNZArtquilters list ;-)


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