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Friday, October 7, 2011

I don't make quilts for people allergic to cats.

Spot the interloper.  And it's not the teal blue fabrics in the green pile. 

No, it's the orange furry thing taking advantage of the 'yet to be organised' shelf.  Puss - can't you find somewhere else to catnap?

Like the couch?


  1. Nice cat :)

    Thats why my wool basket has a piece of furry cloth and an old jersey over it. I was losing wool all over before that - he does like to carry woolly stuff away and play with it! Now he just sleeps on it.


  2. If I sew anything,it will have cat hair on it. There is something about sewing that makes the cats suddenly want to snuggle, more than any other time. Strange!

  3. It's the old - my cat likes to hide in boxes!! Gorgeous. I have to put up with dog hair over everything at the moment - spring moult!! SIGH And yes, if I put a quilt down to look at it and look away, they'll be on it too.


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