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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Farm TV

These are for my sister, who requested pictures of the animals.  I've called it Farm TV, because that is what my hubby and I say to each other when we are going to sit out on the deck and have a cuppa.  "Come and watch Farm TV with me."  The animals never cease to amuse. 

Plus, this post fits in rather nicely with Kit Lang's - What do you see on your way to work?  This is what I see, they are my work (besides the kids of course).

 First up are the ducks.  They are the loudest and so get fed first.  A handful of grain on the grass and for the rest of the day they free roam and keep the slugs down in the orchard.

 Mama bunny is right next to the feed shed so she gets fed quickly too.  Plus she has eight babies with her and they go through a bit of food.  Here she is having a drink.

 And here are her babies munching their breakfast.  Cute huh?

 These two are out in a run on the grass - which is rather lush at the moment being spring and all.  They are part of a group of five boys destined for the pot.  They had five sisters who went to the pet shop. 

 Rooster chicks.  Destined for the pot too.  Their seven sisters went to a new home the other day.  There are big bonuses to being a girl if you're a chook.

 Big Red, the rooster.  He originally came from Laura at Our Wee Farm.  He was destined for the pot too, but he got a reprieve and because he is never aggressive, he might stay out of the pot for a good long while.

 Big White, on the other hand, is permanently locked up or he'll attack the children.  He's on the shortlist for the pot.

And here's what the girls give me.  Omelette's anyone?


  1. Came here from Kit's blog.
    Your photos are much more interesting than mine. So cute!

  2. Oh dear, poor Big White R.I.P.

  3. Everything is looking so prosperous and healthy and idyllic.

  4. Aw wee baby bunnies! Is there anything cuter? Possibly not! And I am so glad Big Red has turned out to be such a lovely boy. I so hoped he would be!

  5. oh my gosh! I loved this post until I actually read it! lol I was all (typical city girl) Ooooh! Thumper! Cute roosters! and then I read your post and I was "You're going to EAT Thumper?" but duh yeah - where does MY food all clean and sanitized come from?

    Thanks for sharing your day - I really enjoyed it!

  6. Thanks sis, it was great to catch up via skype the other night, this time without the kidlets creating havoc in the background. Beautiful photos, really lovely. Love all the many eggs will we get from 4 bantams? Or should we go just two, seeing as they're mostly to be pets. Hmmm...

  7. This looks like such a lovely and wholesome lifestyle...those eggs look so much better than the ones we get in store! And such cute bunnies...


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