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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mother's Little Helper

I'm getting ready for my guild's quilting retreat this weekend.  I'm hoping to finish my chicken flower quilt there, so today I'm piecing a backing for it.  But I have a little helper and when she whipped out my big shears and almost cut straight through the largest backing piece, I knew it was time to occupy her with something else!

My scrap bin and bags are favorite toys.  Today it was collage (I've been inspired by all the art quilts I've been looking at lately!).  She enjoys using scissors and as far as I can remember, she's never cut herself.

Like any true artist, she knows the most important part is making a mess!  But my plastic painting sheet kept the glue off the floor at least.

Finished product!  

And I don't mind helping to clean up the mess if it gives me a chance to get something done.  Now I just have to finish machine button-holing some leaves and a teeny bit of embroidery before I can baste it and quilt it.  Here's hoping for a productive weekend for you too!


  1. Nicely distracted!!And such a good experience for her too. Have a nice weekend

  2. I don't think my kids have ever cut their own fingers - but Dylan did take a big snip out of one of mine... ouch! Glad to see that you are no longer in denial and are admitting that they are finally chickens - looking forward to seeing them quilted! Hope you miss me over the weekend :(

  3. I'm jealous of your weekend away. I'm supposed to be on one next weekend, but hubby is not well, so will be staying home to care for him. Maybe I can have my retreat at home - alone :-) Have fun. Looking forward to lots of photo's of finishes


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