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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Chop, chop. Stitch, stitch.

I've sold the grand total of two dragon appliqué patterns through my Felt shop (link in the left side bar).  Which makes me happy.  Slow means I can iron out headaches without them turning into migraines.  Like figuring out how to use PayPal properly (Did you know you have to 'accept' payments or they return them?  Don't snigger, I didn't know!)

But selling the second pattern has prodded me into action.  I've realised that if my patterns aren't in the Felt shop then they ain't gonna sell.  So I've been chop, chopping and soon will be stitch, stitching these positive/negative appliqué blocks in an attempt to get the patterns in to the shop sometime soon.

And here's something that brings joy to my heart.  I planted a bag of tulip bulbs in the Autumn and tucked them round the cool side of the shed (we're truly marginal for tulips).  And I've been rewarded with this glorious pot of colour that has got better and better over the last week or so.

Happy Spring!


  1. great that you sold some of your patterns! I'm not sniggering at you, I would know about that Paypal stuff.
    Nice Tulips, I can't find my bulbs, I put them somewhere 'safe' over 2 years ago!

  2. Paypal?? I get hubby to do that when required. Technically challenged - that's me.

    Like the tulips. I mostly have a zillion grape hyacinths along with an odd collection of narcissi, daffodils and a bunch of bluebells which planted themselves - mostly in the cracks on my footpath!

    viv in nz

  3. How exciting that you have sold some patterns!! Your tulips are gorgeous - Daryl planted some once (in his cowshed garden!) and we got one flower - I think I may have to do the pot thing and force some in to flower in our climate.


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