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Monday, September 17, 2012

Growing Things

We spent the weekend growing things.  We grew the wood pile for next winter and it's higher than my head now.  There is something very satisfying about having a good stock of fragrant wood drying.  Maybe it harks back to caveman days when fire was safety, warmth and food all in one.

We didn't grow these, but we did plant them.  Fifty baby Kanuka trees that will become a hedge/shelter belt and will shield us from the view of the neighbours.  Grow babies, grow!

And my quilt continues to grow slowly.  I've been glue basting the birds on and will soon be appliquéing them with a straight stitch.

I hope you had a productive weekend too.


  1. Sounds like so many having a productive weekend!

  2. I've been doing lots of similar things this weekend - 'moving' wood around LOL!, planting and spreading straw mulch and also did some sewing! cheers

  3. Life in the country - the cycle of wood and trees...


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