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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Prairie Points

Prairie points I doth love thee - I can't spell thee, but I still doth love thee.  You solve a plethora (such a cool word) of problems and you look just so darn cute.

Give it up for the prairie point, ladies and gents!  

Tweet top is finished, the back is almost finished and then it's basting, quilting and binding - let's call it halfway done.


  1. Oh dear lady you are more than half done! here's to Prairie points!!

  2. Looking good! They really suit the whimsical theme going on in the quilt... even if there are no gnomes.

  3. Just finished a commissioned baby quilt where I added a handful of prairie points to one side. Too cute. What's not to love about some prairie point action, right? Tweet is looking beautiful.

  4. Yes, they do look so darned cute on there; looks like Tweet is going to be a beauty!


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