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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Spring on it's way.  The sheep are telling me.  They've had their lambs and they are shedding in a most dramatic and very unglamorous way.

Ratty looking aren't they?  That's one of our two ewes and her twin lambs.  We got Wiltshire sheep specifically so that we didn't have to shear them.  I don't spin or knit (maybe one day) and shearing just sounded like too much work for a couple of sheep.

They won't win any beauty contests but the lambs sure taste great with a bit of mint sauce.

I see willow buds!  And I'm trying to ignore it, but the damn gorse is flowering too.  A sure sign of warmer weather.

The ram is standing under one of their favourite rubbing trees.  Check out the snow drifts underneath and adorning the branches.

We had the most impressive thunderstorm last night.  It woke us all up at 2.30 am and I lay there knowing why ancient people believed in stories of Gods partying in the sky.  I can't remember last time I heard thunder that actually shook the house!  And it's raining again today - I think I'll stay inside and hang out in my warm and dry studio.  Happy Sunday to you.


  1. The sheep look......well rustic!
    Yes I see the wild peach trees have started to flower. As a winter lover I feel ripped off!
    Enjoy your day.

  2. I didn't realise you had Wiltshires - they might do well on our place, too (had major issues with flystroke last year). Would you consider selling lambs? Would need to talk to DH first, though :-)

    1. That is something that we've had no trouble with with these sheep at all. The one bottle lamb we had that was a long wool breed got struck, made me realise how good this breed is for us! I'll send you an email.

  3. I didn't know there were sheep that shed! So i've learnt something today :-) That thunder woke me up too it was so loud but the storm must have been moving fast as I only heard 2 lots of thunder.

  4. I see experts' talk in the comments. about sheep. And I am learning, too, words like 'shed" and that they do it themselves. I would gather the wool if I were you. And be it just for stuffing the sausage which you put at the foot of a door to prevent draught coming in. I am already thinking of your cold days to come....

  5. I must be a heavy sleeper - by all accounts the thunder was just as loud at our place... but it doesn't seem that anyone in our household woke up! And although I've seen the sheep and the wool on the fences - I didn't realise it was so dramatic. Looks like it just falls of them!


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