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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Little Zip Pouches

I've been sewing a few zippered pouches up out of bits and pieces.  They are so quick and easy.  I remember when I was intimidated by zippers, but they're really not that scary.   And the pouch tutorial that I follow has tabs on the end of the zip so it is perfect for beginners - not too tricky.

They are lined, so there is a tiny bit of hand sewing on the lining to finish them off, but that only takes seconds.  The fabric pieces aren't big so it can use up scraps and I often pick up perfectly good zippers at op shops, so these pouches can be a frugal make too.

This is the tutorial I use (although I know this off by heart now, I've made so many):

There are a million different zipper pouch tutorials out there.  Just google it and pick whichever one takes your fancy.  Seriously, they are easy, satisfying, use up scraps and make great gifts - give one a go today!


  1. You know Charlotte, I might actually be able to do this!! I have a small pouch that is stuffed full of 'useful things' and I badly need a bigger one..
    Thanks for the inspiration :-)

  2. Hello Charlotte,

    Great use of your scraps. The pouches always come in handy.

    Happy days.

  3. Cute, perfect wee present for someone.

  4. you have almost convinced me. That tutorial does look simple enough. Stay tuned

  5. Hello.
    I just want to say u are a lovely woman and mother and person.I 've been reading your blog since 2010,when I Googled calcivirus and a pic of the same needles that we were giving my cat came up.I clicked on it and it turns out u ad posted it due to the disease being let loose and were planning on vaccinating your bunnies at home.
    I love reading about your crafts, planting, children, u just sound like such a great woman.
    I live in pretty city-like place in the States, near New York, and always wanted a mom to teach me things like u do but my mom was not around, my grandma raised me,and she wasn't interested in that stuff,NOR were her friends.
    Anyway,she passed some time ago.
    I love seeing your beautiful quilts,I've always wanted a real quilt,and you seem to make them with so much care,love,and ease.
    I love your little pouches too, perfect for odds and ends and, see,u could do zippers! They really are so cool.Store bought has nothing on your lovely things.
    Well Ma'am, I just finally had to put this up.
    You're an inspiration to me.
    Thank you for your beautiful blog,and all the nice things you post pictures of.
    You are a really cool lady.
    Sincerely, With Respect,


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