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Monday, May 19, 2014

Show Notes from Podcast Episode Seven - All About the Boat.

This episode is all about the boat.  Hopefully I answer some questions about why, and how and what. There is a little bit of quilting sprinkled through the podcast and some listener/commenter feedback, but mainly it's boat, boat, boat.  Don't say you weren't warned!

Click here for Episode Seven at Podbean.

Here is The Slightly Mad Quilt Lady at iTunes.

Hope you enjoy it!  Please leave me feedback and comments and any questions here - I really appreciate them.


  1. hey that was my first Podcast! Pretty cool. What an adventure you are going to have, good luck!

  2. Enjoyed listening to your podcast 7. Had to smile about taking the dog for lots of walks brought back memories! While we were cruising I bought a piece of fake lawn matting, tied a bit of rope to the matting and tied the other end of the rope to the'fence post' on the deck. The dog would do her stuff on the mat and I would chuck the lot into the water, swish it around and haul it back on board for the dog! Worked like a dream at sea!

  3. Just had some time to catchup with your recent podcasts - great to listen to while I was sewing (what seemed like) endless scarves for Scouts. Can't wait for the next boat installment.

  4. I loved hearing about the backstory of your boat purchase (yes, still a bit behind). I am glad to know that you just didn't jump in without thought and you really have been working towards this goal for awhile. Though, since you might be jumping in kind of people ;-) don't listen to me at all.

    I am curious to know where you will park your car? Do you have a driveway or a parking slot? Is there parking restrictions (e.g. 1 hour parking from this time to this time) in the town?


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