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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Podcast Episode 6 - Hand dyes and History

Shownotes for Episode 6 of The Slightly Mad Quilt Lady Podcast.  

In this episode I goof up and tell you it's Episode 5, give you an update on myself, what I've been working on quiltywise, a book review, and a short synopsis of the history of quilting in New Zealand.

The photos below are of my ombre hand dyes.  The first set are of the two navy pieces.  The fabric on the left is PFD Kaufman Kona Cotton.  The fabric on the right is PFD P & B Muslin.  And the fabrics were layered together and dyed in exactly the same process at exactly the same time.  There isn't much difference, although the Kona is slightly darker overall with a very slight yellower overtone.

The next photos are of the warm black dye.  The fabric on the left is the General Products Cotton Sheeting that I often use because it takes paint really nicely.  But it's interesting to note how lighter in colour it is from the fabric on the right, which is PFD Kaufman Patina Cotton Poplin.  However, the poplin is very light weight and it sucked up that dye so fast it's given it horizontal striations.  Again, both fabrics were layered together and dyed at exactly the same time with the same process.

The poplin.

The sheeting.

Ok, selfie time.  Here is the linen blouse I was talking about.  As soon as I put it on I realised that my plan to perhaps wear it belted is not happening because that will cover the wicking line.

My kids took this one of the back for me.  I was hamming it up as daughter was getting annoyed that I wasn't doing the proper 'model' poses.  Ug, she watches too many girlie cartoons.

So let me know whether you think this technique is a keeper or whether I should chop it up for a quilt!

And here's your next vote.  Above is The Big Blue and White Quilt.  Below is Creme Brûlée.  Which one should I baste and quilt next?

Links that I talk about on my podcast:

Jaye from Artquiltmaker blog and her podcast with Sandy about Graduation.

Book, 'The Visual Guide to Working in a Series' by Elizabeth Barton  (Elizabeth's Blog here)

Radio New Zealand Podcasts - The Social History of the Wool Blankets
                                                - Quilting (Quilt Symposium 2009)

Book, 'Warm Heritage' by Pamela Fitz Gerald

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And ..... May the Fourth be with you!


  1. Gee I really like the linen top! loving the Big Blue & White quilt, so that's the one you should baste! I'm sure you will do the one you are drawn to on the given day.

  2. My vote is for the Big Blue & White quilt - love it!!

  3. Linen top is lovely and thrilled to see another podcast. We missed you.

  4. I think you should go for chronological order of when started, so the Blue quilt it would be! That linen top looks great - if you really wanted to cinch it a bit could you add a tie to the back? Or maybe some elastic?

  5. Love that blouse, no belt needed, looks good as it is I think.

  6. Nice blouse :)

    Blue and white would be my choice - along with everyone else I see :)


  7. The bad thing about having iTunes trouble is I miss podcasts. The good thing is that when I finally do get iTunes to cooperate there is lots to which to listen from YOU! Love your podcast.

    Thanks for your mentions! It is so nice to feel useful. Here is the link to the gradation post, which,in turn, links to the podcast in case people have trouble finding it:

    I like the linen shirt and think it looks great on you. No belt, but perhaps take it in on the sides a bit?

    I'd do the blue and white. Perhaps it is already done? ;-)


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