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Monday, October 8, 2018

Ailsa Craig Quilt and Fibre Arts Festival

Have I told you my exciting news?  I'm going to Canada!!

The Ailsa Craig Quilt and Fibre Arts Festival (hereafter known as ACQFAF, because that's an awfully long name!) is held every year in a little town called Ailsa Craig in Ontario, Canada.  If you google Ailsa Craig, like I did, the first thing you'll find is a tiny Scottish Island - apparently Ailsa Craig is named after that little craggy rock - so put Ontario in the search bar as well and you'll find it.

Every year, they invite a different country to come and be part of the ACQFAF, showcase their quilts, teach classes and hold lectures.  They've had places like Denmark, Israel and The Netherlands. Earlier this year they had Iceland and 2019 is New Zealand's year!

A few months ago, Aotearoa Quilters asked for submissions to be a tutor on the trip (just another benefit of being part of AQ is knowing about these sorts of amazing opportunities.)  I submitted my CV and classes that I thought they'd be interested in and I was so excited to be named one of the four tutors picked to travel!

My companions will be:

I think we'll make an awesome team, plus there will be representatives from Aotearoa Quilters travelling too.

One of the exciting parts of the ACQFAF is the challenge.  New Zealand and Canadian quilters are invited to submit quilts for a challenge, which will then be exhibited and travel in both NZ and Canada.  The theme is 'New Zealand, through our eyes' and they have an interesting range of sizes that you can choose from too.  If you are interested in entering, more details on that can be found here.

You can also find ACQFAF on Facebook and follow along with them here.

And speaking of Facebook, have you found my page there yet?  I'm Charlotte Scott - Textile Artist on Facebook, click here to find me and if you hit the 'like' button, hopefully you'll get regular updates on what I'm up to.

Free photo from

After the ACQFAF, Hubby and the kids are joining me.  We are planning a trip to Newfoundland and then driving back through Nova Scotia to fly out from Toronto.  What a trip!!  I want to see icebergs in Newfoundland, Hubby wants to see a moose and the kids are just excited about the whole thing!


  1. Wow Charlotte!!!!! Congratulations! What an amazing opportunity for you. Your quilts are beautiful and really do showcase NZ, so you’ll be a great representative. And how cool that your family can join you too. I’m so happy for you.

  2. Oh congratulations on your news of tutoring at the ACQFAF and have a wonder holiday with your family!!

  3. WOW!! I am so pleased for you. What a great opportunity. That is so exciting. You are so close and yet, still, so far. I wish you were coming to SF or I could go to Toronto to meet you for a coffee. Sometime, I hope.


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