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Sunday, October 28, 2018

I just can't cut it

Have you got fabric hiding in your cupboard that you just can't use?

I bought this as an end of bolt from a closing down sale at my local quilt store.  That particular store closed down at least six years ago, so I can estimate how long it's been gracing my fabric shelves.  I had no idea what I would use it for, but I fell in love with it at first sight and every time I see it in my stash, I give it a little stroke.

It's a beautiful Japanese-style chrysanthemum print in an indigo blue on a silvery grey background with a natural fleck through it.  There was about 2.7 metres left and it's a standard width, so about 115cm wide.  Not quite enough for a backing for a large quilt, and too much to use as the feature fabric for a quilt top without having a whole lot left over.

It's got an interesting texture.  It's not a loose weave, but it does have a slighting uneven feel to the weave.  Almost 'slubby' but not quite.  And it has a beautiful sheen to it.  The selvedge gives me no other information other than the colours used to print it, so I have no idea of the designer or manufacturer.

What do you do when you have a fabric in your stash that you love but bought with no specific project in mind?  Do you search for the perfect project, or do you wait for inspiration to strike?

I've been waiting for inspiration to strike, but so far, even after six or more years, it hasn't.  I have been thinking of making a kimono style jacket with it, but my seamstress skills are lacking so I'm not confident I could do it justice.  I've also been thinking I need a new bed quilt, something made with all my japanese fabrics that I've been sort-of collecting - indigos and wovens and taupes.  

Got any suggestions?

PS - thank you for all your facebook input and blogger comments on my 'shall I cut' question I asked in my last post.  I think I'm going to go with the two for one deal, but it involves unpicking the binding, and since I love unpicking so much (not!) I'm just procrastinating on it a little.


  1. OH yeah! I seem to have a lot of fabric like that...….I just cant use it. I have feelings that I am a hoarder, in fact I think that is the very definition of a hoarder. Sigh......

  2. So mice I can see your dilemma! Needs to be a feature either the centre of a quilt or borders? I'm sure some inspiration will come to you.

  3. If you've been dreaming about a kimono I say go for it a basic one thats unlined has less pieces than most quilt blocks! And The pieces are bigger! Go for it it will be beautiful !

  4. I would add a pieced border or two and quilt it up to use on a bed or as a throw.

  5. I had the same problem, then I found that some fabrics I had been saving were no longer appealing. Now I use fabrics I love even a small piece. I am even working on getting rid of fabrics I do not love. I also try and use new fabrics as soon as I can. I wouldn't wear a jacket, but perhaps you would? You could take the fabric to a seamstress to make you something that would be well fitted and look good.

  6. I collect fabrics all the time that I love but have no use for. Then i spend the next 4 years looking for the perfect project for it. Sometimes you just need to look at it in conjunction with other fabrics, and work out how it all fits together as this helps with finding the right style of project.


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