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Friday, October 26, 2018

The big snip

I didn't show you a photo of the finished 'Dawn Contemplation' quilt.  When you last saw it, I was pushing to get it finished for the KOAST art trail, and it looked like this:

Well, the first day of the trail saw me stitching on the binding, but I managed to finish that and get a sleeve on it and it was on display on the second day.  I added some colour and a bit more stitching to the woman to give her more depth and make her more part of the whole image rather than just 'on top'.  I also added a bit more to the bird above her head.  And it's always amazing how finishes the edges makes it look so much better.

The colour of the binding was a hard choice.  I auditioned many before I went with this tan colour.  It was a serendipitous choice, it just happened to fall next to the quilt when I was looking through my purple and pink hand dyes.  I really liked how it complemented the blues and purples rather than blended with them.  And the dark grey/blacks I'd tried just looked flat, so tan it was.

But, and it's a really big but.

I'm thinking of taking my rotary cutter to it.

I'm not entirely happy with the bird above the woman's head.  It's not quite right.  Then when I was editing my image before uploading it to the blog, I played with a few croppings.  And I think I really like the image above.

The question is, do I like it better than the finished quilt as it is now?

So what do you think?

Chop, or not?


  1. I like it as it is and find it a much more interesting image with the woman in it - I find myself wondering what she is thinking & feeling - so she is the focus of my attention - not the bird. I also like the range of coulur in the quilt and the depth/shadow/doorway effect created by the two gothic window shapes distanced from each other - you will loose both of these aspects if you trim.
    Only you will know it is not how you want to be - maybe it is one of a series? You can make another quilt to capture what it is you feel is not right in this one?

  2. How would it be with no binding and just the rough edges. That way you wouldn't cut the image off. This is an artwork after all - not a bed quilt :)
    One other trick I learned a long time back is to put a very large, very neutral border on and continue the image across the border with your free motion sewing.

  3. I have the other opinion to Mary, I find it much more emotional with the crop.

  4. If it is possible cut it where you have cropped and introduce binding on both sides of the cut, then hang them ever so slightly separated.

  5. I can see both sides of the choice. I am generally not a fan of people represented in quilts, but I find yours to be well done and sensitive. That being said, I think there is a lot going on in the quilt and appreciate the simpler imagery of the cropped version. I do like the idea of a series. Perhaps one with the woman and no stone (the center image-not sure what it is)?


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