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Sunday, March 28, 2010

I feel a little famous! Rhonda, at Down to Earth, featured my kitchen (in all it's unholy glory) on her blog today. And so many nice people left wonderful comments! A few even came and visited me here - hello!
Above is my bean harvest. My ENTIRE bean harvest for the year. I planted dwarf beans and the sparrows came and ate out the growing tops. I thought that that would be the end of it as it was getting too late for beans and the ones they ate wouldn't ever grow properly now...but lazy me never got around to pulling them out. A few brave plants struggled on and produced that little handful of green for me.
Mother Nature never gives in.


  1. Your kitchen looks a decent size for the fact you're living in a converted shed. Is it possible your shed is bigger than my 'house'? Maybe I should ditch this place a build a shed too, we're popping out the sides here!

  2. I do love a challenge. My husband and I both have always said ,"You can drop us out of an airplane anywhere in the USA and we could survive." That is because we have had such a hard raising, but at our age now,it would be rough.And the times being as they are now, it could be really bad. My heart goes out to you on your conditions there, but at least, you have a sense of humor. You will survive.(Cute on the entire bean crop.)

  3. Looks like a heart meal for a family of four. ;-) - Well, you can always have a chicken with it, right?

    I admire you guys "roughing it" in a shed. It was so great to see your kitchen wen I went over to Rhonda's blog (one of my regular blog reads).

    Enjoy the beans!

  4. I had to laugh when I saw your bean harvest. I planted pole beans and they grew like crazy. We had a hot spell, lasted several weeks. After it started getting cooler out the beans started coming, weird! We thought the plant was dead and I was too lazy to pull it. We ended up having @ least 6 meals off that goofy plant! Of course it's only the dh and myself, but hey, we loved every string bean off those plants. As you can see I don't have much experience with gardening in this hemisphere. Elaine in Texas

  5. good on ya for showcasing your kitchen like it really is! i love a kitchen full of life. my lil girl just did an almost identical trick with some lotion the other day.
    i didn't know you were a midwife. we had both our babies at home, and loved it! what a job though, midwives work harder than just about anybody else, and the hours!

  6. Cat - there's a 10 hectare block just down the road for sale - and it's itching for a shed!

    Sawn61 - thanks for your comments - it's raining here this morning!

    Thanks Cadi - are we going to see your kitchen on D2E?!

    soggybottomflats (love that name!) I'm still learning about gardening too. It's amazing how things still grow even if I do ALL the wrong things!

    Hi apronstringz - yep, you have to be a little mad to be a midwife ;) The one thing I miss about work is the homebirths, so lovely to be at.

  7. Hi
    I think it was this years season - we had very little beans too. And Tomatoes too were a flop compared with previous years. So glad don't have to rely fully on our garden.

    Have you started building the house?
    Good on you doing at time & $$ permits.

    Love Leanne NZ

  8. astoundingly, just 10 minutes up the road from you, we had a pretty decent crop. However! I have never grown beans before so maybe it was totally guff and ignorance is bliss!
    I know what it is! The sparrows here are so stuffed from eating all the chicken food they can't fly over to the veggie patch.

  9. HI there from Auckland! Saw your post on Rhonda's blog and thought I'd pop over (I'm also mates with Leanne up above).

    Hey - your kitchen looks like it's from a show house compared to what I'm working in in this old do-up we moved into just before Christmas lol!



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