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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Morningtime at Windyhill

Duck breakfast. 10 weeks old and fully grown.

Turkey breakfast. The turkey's think they are chickens and insist on being locked up with them at night. I don't mind, keeps it simple.

Good morning, chooks.

Someone left me an early egg, still warm.

Fluffy, doing her cute impression.

An early morning stroll down the drive with the dogs (there's a tiny black speck in the gateway, it's a chocolate labrador).
Wishing you all a lovely morning tomorrow.


  1. That looks like a beautiful country morning. I can smell the air and imagine the green hills.

  2. What more can I say than - beautiful?!

  3. this is pretty much like my mornings too, especially lovely in this weather :)
    L says I look like Prince Charles wandering around the garden with my arms crossed behind my back!

  4. Lets hope you're not quite as balding as Prince Charles!

  5. It all looks gorgeous, and so peaceful!

  6. we love that bunny - our cat does the same merkat thing - so adorable it almost hurts to look at!

  7. your home seems almost picture's lovely


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