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Sunday, March 21, 2010

We are down to quarter of a tank of water again. And next week's rain forecast looks mostly like the picture above - squat didley. Maybe a few showers on Tuesday, but don't hold your breath.

We have been really lucky so far. Our first summer out here on tank water and we have a drought, but always, just as we are getting lower than quarter of a tank and starting to contemplate buying water, it rains just enough to give us a few more weeks.

The cows have finished their rotation on our paddocks and are back into the neighbours again, but his waterhole is looking precariously low, we may yet have to hose water to a trough for them.

I recycle my shower water into the washing machine and water my veges with grey water. The car hasn't been washed for months etc etc.

I know this is nothing like the droughts other parts of the world get, but for us, who aren't really prepared, it's hard work.

Do a little rain dance for us, will you?!


  1. Dancing away!

    Rain, rain come today -
    Don't wait for another day!

  2. Know what you mean - Perth has had a whole 1mm since November. If Dad in Queensland could possibly shoo the clouds either your way or mine...?

  3. All the grass here is very green for this time of year, usually it's a range of browns by now. If we had water tanks, I'm pretty sure they'd be close to full, we even had a 10 minute decent rain shower today. Very weird, sending you rainy vibes.

  4. I'll dance for you too. Drought can be mighty depressing, can't it? BTW thanks for leaving a little comment about my kitchen over at Rhonda's blog. I appreciate you taking the time. Your blog looks wonderful. I'm signing on to keep up with your adventures :) Cheers, Anita. x

  5. It is very hard to imagine being without water. Our electricity goes out on occasion, and we must use water we have collected from other sources, but for a real drought we have not had that worry. I wonder at times how we would manage. We do have a little stream about 3 miles away. If it did not dry up, we could probably get usable water there. We have a very small farm and a few animals, also. We are so fortunate in this part of the USA, so far.(from Ky.)


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