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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Work in Progress Wednesday

It's a little scary looking - but I'm actually really pleased with how it's turning out!

My quilting buddy and I gave each other a challenge. A self-portrait, A4 size, using whatever techniques you like but we must each use something that we bought from a quilting show that we both visited. I splashed out on luscious hanks of embroidery threads, some sari silks, a little bag of animal stamps and some silk rods.

So far I have layered scraps of my favorite materials over a light piece of fabric and sewn them, grid style, in place.

Then I layered chiffon over the top and free-motioned quilted different patterns (good chance to practice) heavily over the top.

I then put a wash of white textile paint over the top to try and even the tone a little.

The next step was to print out a large photo of myself in grey scale and use this to help me layer up pieces of tulle for shading.

Then I traced the outlines of my face onto wash away and used this to help me free-motion stitch the lines of my face over the tulle.

Getting there - except I still haven't used any of my yummy purchases!!

What little works have you got in progress?


  1. Little works?

    Wow!!! This is amazing. You are so, so talented & creative! I'm speechless.

  2. Oh my gosh! Wow, that's too cool!

  3. Wow - you put me to shame. It so is you.


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