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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I got blueberry pancakes for breakfast - yum! My darling husband heats up frozen blueberries with a bit of sugar and then spreads this on the pancakes. This way you really get to taste the blueberries rather than all mushed up in the pancakes. Mmmmm........and watching the two wee ones turning their mouths blue and saying,"More, more!" is good entertainment at breakfast time.

Then my best present was four childfree hours. Funny how on a day celebrating mothering, all I wanted to be was childfree! But this way of being childfree isn't like when I have them in daycare for a few hours. When they're with their Dad, I never worry that they are being psychologically damaged or neglected (I might worry that they're eating junk food!) but I know that they are with a person who is entirely devoted to them. So I can really enjoy myself, guiltfree.

And of course, I sat down and sewed till I didn't want to sew anymore. Which is a very, very rare occurrence.

I worked on a lot of WIP's - works in progress. Many people call them UFO's - unfinished objects, but I get a complex about never finishing anything so WIP's they are. I've been stalled for a while on a blue and white quilt top that needs setting triangles because the blocks are on-point. Because I had all the time in the world, I found this little tutorial for working out how big to cut your setting triangles.

Happy Mother's Day everyone (a little late I know). I hope you Mum's had a wonderful day however you and your whanau celebrated it. My Mum died almost 15 years ago so it is a day tinged with a little sadness, but it makes it all the sweeter to know that I have a wonderful Step-Mum and I know so many Mother's out there who are working day-to-day just being the best Mum's they can.


  1. Pancakes must be a common theme for Mother's Day - mine were berry filled too! Plus apricot fruit toast for mopping up the juices. Yum!!

  2. Right, I'll put my order in for apricot fruit toast for next year...or maybe my birthday! How did you find me, sister dear?! xx

  3. Hi girls, putting my order in for both for next year too!

  4. I found you through Miss Cat J B of course!xx


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