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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Raisin Scrooge

My kids like raisins. But preferably the raisins in the little cardboard packages. I am a scrooge, sorry, frugal mum, and don't like spending the money on the little cardboard packages.

So now I fool my kiddies. I keep the little cardboard boxes, refill them with bulk bought sultanas (which are cheaper than raisins, and hey, they are all grapes, right?) when they aren't looking and hey presto, they are ready for the next round of snacks!

And the funny thing is, they eat them with exactly the same enthusiasm as they do the 'real' ones! What clever marketing person came up with the little cardboard box idea? And they don't even squeak when you blow in them anymore, like they used to when we were kids.


  1. I remember the squeaking now that you mention it. I also remember being told off by Grandma for squeaking during the sermon in church!!!

  2. I love that idea!!! I used to always want the ones in boxes too but we never got them. When we flew back to UK recently I got some of the raosins in boxes and I had two very happy little girls on the flight when I gave them a little box each! x


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