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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Am I allowed to brag?

I am a subscriber to New Zealand Quilter Magazine and this month I had received my mag, stuffed it in my handbag and thought no more about it until I got a text from my quilting friend, "Have you seen NZ Quilter yet?"

Well, I knew immediately what she was talking about and when I had flicked through it and found the article (all the while holding my breath), I had to do a little dance of excitement!

MY quilt - in a MAGAZINE!! Oh my, how exciting!! Sure, I didn't win the competition that we entered, but both of us got picked to travel and I got published. I feel famous!

The competition we both entered was the NZ Hoffman Challenge. The challenge involves buying a piece of Hoffman Fabric (everyone gets the same) and make a quilt using a recognisable amount of the fabric. It has to fit within one metre square and can't be a sqare or rectangle shape. It's based around the big American Hoffman Challenge, except we get different fabrics.

Anyway, that's my little gloat for today. It's persisting down outside with almost hurricane force winds - so errrmm, no photos of paradise today.


  1. Hey congrats! You ARE famous! And omg, those photos.....and here I am in suburbia, sigh....

  2. I've been telling all my quilty friends where to find your quilt. And as for the photos, homesick, homesick, homesick...

  3. Thanks guys! The photos don't show the mud though!


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