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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Posting about the Post.

I have a new camera battery charger and so here is a photo of my first step towards my vegetable garden. Impressive, no?

It's a post. It used to be a part of a wharf which is why it has extra bits on it and some white paint. It's big and heavy and I dug the hole for it, carried it to the hole (thank you sackbarrow), lifted it in and rammed the dirt around it. Can you tell I'm a little proud of myself?!

The reason we need a new post is because we need to move the dog run (a wire between another post and a sandpit upright that we clip the dog chain onto so she has lots of room to run) because I want my garden to go where the dog run is currently.

Finally some progress towards the garden! It feels like we have been here for ever and yet all our work has just been settling in, tidying up and finding places for things. Today was one of the first days that we had together out here and we were very industrious. Dear Hubby plumbed up the shower so now I can shower as well as have a bath (Yay!) and he also finished putting up the smoke alarms. Now he's gone to work on our house that we've moved out of so we can get that rented. Once that's all renovated and rented then he'll be able to spend even more time here on the weekends.

It's kinda frustrating. Finally being where we wanted to be and yet still not having enough hours in the day to do all the things we want to get done. That's the story of my life though, and not just related to living here. How do you find time to cook, clean, spend time with the kids, blog (!), quilt, garden, read, catch up with people......?

I wish I could be a chicken sometimes. All they seem to worry about is eating, scratching in the dirt and dustbathing. Lucky things.


  1. Oh girl, I am with ya, if only we didn't have to sleep! Yay for showers, my fave time of the morning, and your chooks look very happy with themselves. Wish we lived closer.....

  2. Oh to be able to grow vegies - well I suppose the mushrooms are doing well, and we have potatoes growing in a bucket...and even when I don't sleep I still can't keep up!!

  3. Sleep and go to work. Two more things I forgot to put on my list of things to try and fit into the days!

  4. We had chooks in Adelaide (when we had an actual garden, here in Melb we have a pocket-sized hankie as a yard) and I miss 'em.

    However rather than wishing to be a chicken, I wish to be a dog. A much loved one that gets walked, petted and sleeps by the fireside every night.

  5. And gets fed steak rather than that dubious stuff in a can.


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