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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oh Dasterdly!!

My camera battery charger is poked. No more photos as both batteries are dead will be hard to cope but I'll manage. Especially if I trawl through a few of my older pics!

This is a pic of something I'm working on now. It's a little more sewn than that, but not much. When it's finished it will be a bag/playmat for my son's dinosaurs. Imagine a drawstring cord around the edge, a cave, some lava on the volcano and a couple of appliqued dino's and you get the idea.

This one is a quilt I'm working on slowly but surely. I know the images are pretty terrible but they were quick shots so I could remember the layout (digital cameras and quilting....who'd have thought?!). It's all blues with a bit of purple and cream thrown in. I've made a centre block that is foundation pieced with blues and bright orange and I'm a little undecided on whether to use it or not.

Thrse are a couple of pillowcases I just finished for my nephews. They both have different fabric pieces on one side then a whole piece on the other side with their name freemotioned on it. I've yet to send them off (tomorrow, I promise!) but they're a bit young to read this so I guess I won't be spoiling the surprise.

My wee ones spotted these and have both demanded one of their own. My DS has had hours of fun picking his fabrics out of my stash!

And this is what I should be working on RIGHT NOW! It's a bag made from an old shirt in a box of thrifted fabrics given to me by my sister-in-law. She is turning 40 today and we are heading down to Hamilton to have a birthday bash with her this weekend and this is her pressie (well, it will be when I pull finger). I made it from this pattern here. Jodie from Ric-Rac writes a great tutorial and is one very talented and crafty lady.

So now you know all my little projects, I feel much more motivated to finish them! Watch this space (and pray they still make battery chargers for my Olympus).


  1. I like the playmat thingy, did I send you a link to something like that a while ago? I've yet to do anything with it.

    Get new charger....I want to see more of paradise!!

  2. Love the bag - I have been looking for a good easy pattern. Definitely going to give it a go when the kids go back to school. Finn says thanks for the lego!!

  3. Yup, the idea for the playmat came from a blog somewhere...but I can't remember where so sorry to someone who's idea I'm borrowing! Their mat was a farmyard. Very cute.

    Happy Birthday to Finn and Soph. And the bag was very well received and it is truly easy. I think I'm going to make a bigger one next time to hold more junk!


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