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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Flea Market Finds

Okay, so we're kiwis here and it's more of an op shop find.

The hard work that someone put into all that stitching!  It's about the size of a placemat and I'm thinking it would make a very cute bag.  I had a look for pieces of fabric (research only!) but there were only nasty polyesters and some really, really ugly nylons.  So my plan to make quilts out of only thrifted materials is not really a goer.  I'll carry on looking though, you never know what you might these!

What funky cutlery!!  There were only a few pieces, but I thought they would make great additions to my camping cutlery box - too distinctive to get mixed up with the mother-in-laws.  But my kids dived on them with glee and have been using the 'pretty forks' for every meal since I brought them home.


  1. What happy finds!! I agree - the embroidery is lovely - is that what is called Jacobean embroidery?? And I just love the cutlery - way too nice for the camping box!!

  2. How fun, love the stitchery. I picked up a few "new" pieces of gorgeous stichery myself, will have to post those pics I think. Thanks for the inspiration. I was thinking of using mine as little rolls for tools, if I can find the right piece of wool to stitch on the inside. Wish me luck on that one. Thanks for sharing your luscious piece of art, can't wait to see your bag...cheers, Elaine

  3. I LOVE op shop finds!
    If you're looking for fabric, have you ever been to the big clothes op shop in Kaikohe? Save Mart, I think. I have occasionally got absolutely stonking finds there. ( in amongst the mountains of tat) Lovely old square pillowcases with sort of lace ( not yuggy but gorgeous) and fab retro cotton sheets.

  4. You could incorporate that into a quilt. One of our group did one with a lot of her embroidered odds and ends from several generations and it looks stunning.

    I'm thinking of trying one myself as I have lots of that sort of thing too. Too pretty just to reside in a cupboard :)

    viv in Dunedin


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