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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Smuggling a noxious species into Australia.

Just a couple of little rabbity artist trading cards that took a wee trip on an aeroplane to Faye of fayesplace.  I think they'll be there by now so I'm posting these pics.

I know artist trading cards are meant to be cards not hanging ornaments, but I figure you can fold or snip off (gasp!) the hanging loop if you don't want it.  And if you do want to hang them on your Christmas tree, then you can!

These were lots of fun to create.  If you've never given a technique a go, then these 3 1/2 by 2 1/2 inch cards are the perfect size to have a little try.  I was practicing my free motion zig-zag.  That's what made the grass (you can click on the pic to have a closer look).


(and I'm off to pick up an orphan lamb!  I'm gonna be a lamb maaaama!)

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  1. Hi Ms Lottie,
    Yep. The package arrived while I was away in Broome (for a wedding). I love the ATC's and will definitely hang them on my Chrissy Tree. And I'm doing a kitchen stitchery that the tea-pot button will be perfect for. Thank you. I had a go at ATC's once and decided they were not for me, but I think I'll put loops on the 4 I rcvd in a swap. Then they can be seen, albeit just once a year.
    Once again Thanks Lottie.
    Cheers, Faye.


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