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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Work in Progress Wednesday

My mother-in-law's quilt.  Almost done. (You can see the completed top here.)

Ahh, the ugly duckling phase.  It's all quilted but there are threads hanging off it every which way that I have to tie off and bury and there is fluff everywhere from the cotton batting.  (I could have cropped out the mess in the background, but hey, what's another sword or two?!)

The backing was also another challenge in my 'not buying any new fabric in 2010' journey.  I didn't have any large pieces in the right colours so I had to piece one.  A nifty trick to centre the backing and the top when you are basting is to tape a cross of matchsticks or kebab sticks to your basting surface, then you can feel them through the layers to make sure you are all lined up.

I marked a big swirling pattern on the back in chalk and quilted it from the back. 

Just the binding and labelling to go! 


  1. Hi Lottie, I've just been to collect my Byzantine Star Quilt from my quilter friend, so I have a quilt in about the same state as yours - needs a binding and label. I'll try and get another photo and post it next week. I went to your "other" post and saw the finished top. Verrry nice. Did you add more borders? And this year must be the year of "no more fabric" cos that's what I'm trying as well, and I have 3 or 4 other friends who are trying to "abstain" as well. Hope you MIL appreciates it - I'm sure she will love it.
    Cheers, Faye.

  2. With quilting all the craze as it seems to be on the blogs,I can't understand why our Walmart discontinued their fabric section. They have put in a specialized fabric section with small kits of all kinds, but no rolls of fabric any longer to choose from.Surely not that many folks have taken up your challenge of not buying fabric for a year, although it is a great idea.I think I could go for five years.Nice quilt.

  3. Well done!! I love the interesting backs created by using up the scraps, smaller pieces, etc. I use the toothpicks taped to the top of my freezer for sandwiching too and it really is helpful.

  4. Sorry but I can't find your email ( new computer)
    I am a campine down :( I've no idea where she is or how she could have got out/disappeared. She's just vanished. I've never lost a chicken - not even a brand new hatched one. I'm so upset :( and the other one will be so lonely. wah :( xx


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