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Monday, September 6, 2010

Looking forward to Summer.

I had a busy weekend with a fabric painting workshop on Saturday (lots of fun, click here for my other blog to see pics 'cause that'll save me from downloading them here too) and then Father's Day on Sunday.  We spent the day out on the launch just for a bit of fun.

We didn't fish and Hubby chickened out of a scallop dive - too cold he said!  So we just lounged around on Roberton Island beach for a while.  The kids played trolls and sneaked up on seagulls.  Then the wind got up a bit earlier than we thought it would, so me motored off home. 

Spring has sprung and for me, yesterday was the first taste of Summer on the way too.

I love how a life jacket has a built in sword holder!
We are planning another summer camping trip over Christmas.  In the same place we camped last year and hopefully with many of the same people.  Except we'll have a few extras too.  Namely my next eldest sister and her partner, and my littlest brother!  All will be travelling from Australia and I haven't seen them for several years so I'm more than a little excited!!!  Then we'll also have my next youngest brother and his wife and my youngest nephew.  I can't wait for Summer!


  1. Cute! My 5 yr. old grandson can find a place to put his sword(or kitchen utensil,etc.) any time needed.He is really big on swords right now(and Transformers and Transformers and Transformers).

  2. Sounds like summer fun to look forward to!

    Sword on a life jacket... Pretty handy! You never know what undersea dragons you might need to fight in case you go overboard.

    Lovely fabric, too! :-)

  3. Oh I cannot wait for summer - but I have to admit to liking spring a lot too. Tell your hubby ( from one diver to another) wimp! heehee I dive in a 2mm wetsuit all year - but I was used to diving in the rather cooler waters of the west coast of Scotland all year round so I suppose I have an excuse. :)
    ( he's not really a wimp)

  4. Who knew life vests had sword holders? What an awesome find! It looks like you have a fun restful day. Take care, Elaine

  5. Laura, Hubby is amazed people even go in the water in chilly old Scotland! (I thought he was a wimp too, but then you didn't see me volunteering for a swim!).


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