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Friday, February 17, 2012

Morning Mist

This was my view this morning as I drove home from night duty.  Our valley, shrouded in mist.  It's one of the things I enjoy about night duty.  I get to see a fair few dawns and I think they are the most beautiful time of day.

Last night I used the wee small hours to finish my Midwifery Standards Review report and today I posted it off.  It's one of the reasons I've been a little quiet over the last week.  And Hubby made it home safe and sound - he's been towing a barge up from Picton.  Being a single parent is a busy life.

Midwifery Standards Review is process every midwife in New Zealand goes through bi-annually.  This is the description from the New Zealand College of Midwives website:

Midwifery Standards Review has been developed to provide a systematic process that enables the midwife, whatever her practice setting, to reflect on her midwifery practice with two reviewers - one midwife colleague and one consumer of midwifery services, each of whom has been specifically educated to do this work for the NZCOM.

The process assists each midwife to reflect on her annual practice by giving her the opportunity to consider statistical data. Depending on how she works, this can be her own midwifery outcomes or those from the maternity services in which she works.

Feedback from women for whom she provides midwifery care is considered, and feedback from midwifery colleagues can also be sought.

The process is educative, robust, supportive and challenging. It enables midwives to consider their professional development goals by integrating learning from their own midwifery experience as well as the contribution and challenges provided by the reviewers.

By participating in Midwifery Standards Review, a midwife demonstrates her commitment to her own ongoing professional development.

So I've been busily writing, reflecting, and reviewing myself.  Now I've sent my reports away to the reviewers to examine so they can get a handle on what questions they would like to ask me and in two weeks time I'll sit down with them for the official review.

I also sewed the last two seams on my Old Maid's Puzzle quilt.  But I'm pretty sure it needs a border so I can't declare it finished yet.  No photos yet sorry as by the time I slept, then picked up kidlets etc the light wasn't so great.

And this weekend, Hubby is working back all the brownie points he used up by gadding off for a week and is giving me two days to do as I like ;)  I'll see if I can't produce something blogworthy by the the end of it!  Hope you have a great weekend too.


  1. WOW, right place right time for that photo. Good work. Hope all is going well for you guys, lots of love T.

  2. Very nice photo. I await whatever you come up with in your two day extravaganza with some interest :)


    I'm having difficulty with the stupid word capture. Can't see straight enough for this new thingy and the audio is just terrible :(


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