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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Quiltlet For Sale

I think I need to stand a little further back to avoid the 'bowing' in the middle!
This is the little wall hanging I've been working on over the last wee while.  It measures 21 1/2" x 28 1/2".  I said I'd make something for my boy's primary school to sell at their regatta (like a gala or fete).  Tonight I'll be stitching on the hanging sleeve and deciding a name for it (any ideas anyone?).

Pukeko (Australia have them to, but unromantically call them swamp hens!)
Spot the pin holding the hanging sleeve on ready to be sewn.
I was going to complete with a faced finish.  But I thought it was lacking a little something, so the orangey colour in the binding was just right to finish it off.  And I machine bound it using the no-snit binding tutorial I've used so many times before with such success - I just made my strips a little slimmer for a narrower binding and adjusted my needle position accordingly.

So if you want something to do this Saturday, come along to the Opua Wharf from 9am and join in the fun (you could even buy my quilt - I'd be eternally grateful!).

And this photo is just because they looked so gorgeous piled on my ironing board before I pressed them!  These are my hand dyes.  I've snipped little pieces off the corners and am keeping a notebook with my recipes so that I'll have an idea of how to repeat them if I ever want to.


  1. Wishing you well....I hope it sells for many dollars!

  2. Not sure which I like best - your wall hanging is divine with a capital D, and the hand dyes look yummy. What about a name that has something about dawn or dusk/twilight... just looks like those sort of colours in the background to me.

  3. WOW WOW WOW can we pretend you are mum at our kids' school, too, and you make one for our fundraising, too?

    What fabric did you use for dying? I have looked at screenprinting white batik in the past but not cheap... Your colours look DELICIOUS!!!

  4. Beautiful, I'd love to fly over a nab it, all in a good cause! Good luck with it, hope it goes for big bucks!

  5. Good luck with the regatta today. Love your quiltlet - the horizontal quilting gives it lots of nice movement. And yummy home-dyes :-)

  6. Delicious colours. yummy!!!! your quilt is lovely too.

  7. Thanks for blog comment ... oooOooOohhh yes, I LOVE these!!!

  8. Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your quilt! I found your blog after searching for "appliqué organza" because I wanted to try using it in quilting.
    Also, my name is Tui, so the bird is kinda exciting! Your beautiful quilt informed me that that not only is quilting with organza possible, it is very beautiful. Thank you!!

  9. Thanks Tui, for you lovely comment. I'm still using organza in my quilting and learning lots in the process about how to handle it. If you want to see some absolutely gorgeous organza work then check out:
    good luck! (and you have a lovely name!)


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