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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekend Fun.

Well, I was promised a whole weekend by Hubby.  But children aren't quite so respectful of promises made, so a fair few snacks were prepared and disagreements sorted out by me when Hubby was elsewhere!  I sometimes wish I had somewhere to go on my days off where I could quilt to my hearts content well away from the demands of the house/children.

Anyway.  On Saturday I spent a lovely morning at The Country Yard.  They were having their New Year's launch and so Suz and I went on down and browsed and rummaged and pondered fabric combinations.  They had a lovely new range of Stof fabrics available as a fabric club, new classes to sign up for and yummy new patterns and kits.  After much discussion, I chose some border fabric for my Old Maid's Puzzle quilt.  Here it is without the borders on.

I love this pic with ever-patient Hubby's ankles out the bottom!
Then today I spent a hot morning digging over and mulching a garden bed, then realised that the hot weather was much more conducive to dyeing than gardening!  I've been collecting supplies lately to have a go at some fabric dyeing with Procion MX fabric dyes.  And I've found a supplier of high thread-count white cotton sheeting.  It's hand is like a batik fabric so I'm hoping it will raw-edge applique really well.  I loosely followed these instructions from Patsy Thompson.  And I learnt a lot.  Like tight fitting gloves are a must, and a breezy day makes dyeing a little trickier!  These need to be washed now, so the colours will probably lighten a little.

Squeezed into the corners of the weekend has been the quilting of my wall hanging that I'm making for the school to sell at their regatta and raise stacks a little bit of money. These are views of the back.  Lots more quilting to go yet.

And now I must go and feed the chooks and put the kids to bed.  Hope you all had a productive weekend too.


  1. Glad you and Suz had a good time at The shop.I love the colours you are making with your dyeing.
    I'll be back to see the front of your quilting, it looks great!

  2. I was going to say hang the quilt on the clothes line but then saw it was full! The dyed fabric looks great hope it doesn't lose to much colour when you wash it.
    PS And I love your quilt

  3. I have to say I lost a heap of colour when I washed mine so now I don't wash it if it is going to be just a picture.

    It rained all weekend here so the garden didn't get a look in.



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