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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Commiserate with me...

For the studio building is no more :(

When Hubby came home last night he was in a temper, the builder had not followed his instructions.  Bad, naughty builder.

Consequently the builder was here this morning, unbuilding.

Yes, everything he built yesterday has been removed.

Kinda like seam ripping.

And now Hubby says it'll have to wait until he has more time and can stay home in the mornings and direct the builder each day.

Which won't be till after Easter.

Bugger.  I knew it was too good to be true.

So in an effort to look on the bright side, I'm planning paint colours, drawing a floor plan and buying skylights.


  1. Bugger bugger bugger, mind you Easter is not very far away.

  2. Oh boo! Blinkin' builders who don't follow instructions and blinkin' husbands in tempers, makes everyone miserable and cranky. Well, Easter's not so far away and you've still got a space to plan, so enjoy the paint colours and have fun with imaginings.

    Still planning on camping at Christmas? The boys got sleeping bags for their birthdays so we're camping over Easter and then hopefully again at Chtristmas!

  3. That was meant to be a crying sad face :-(

  4. Oh no..! Well I'm sure once you're done with making your plans and buying stuff it will all start happening. I think shed-dwellers have to be very patient people don't you?!

  5. oh no!! I would have had a secret hissy fit! I'm so sorry :(


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