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Friday, March 23, 2012


It seems like a week or so of hard knocks.  Life has been handing them out to many people I know.  It makes my studio woes seem laughable (which they are really).  But I'm retreating from life for a little while.  It is the weekend of our guild's regular quilting retreat and I'm going to sew, baste, quilt, piece, (probably unpick), chat, eat and drink (just a little) the weekend away.

I've finished my Old Maid's Puzzle quilt and I hope to layer and baste it this weekend.  So this morning I've been working out a backing for it.  I have a very scientific method to work out if my backings will fit.

I lay the quilt on the floor (after first pushing furniture out the way and assessing whether the floor needs a clean!) and then lay my bits of backing on top to see if they will fit.  Not very scientific, but actually pretty fail-safe!  I also have a not very scientific way to measure whether my quilts will cover the bed enough.

Just take your quilt top and lay it over the bed you wish it to cover.  Does it fit?  And there you have your answer.  It's also a good way to do a little more admiring of all your had work...;)

I have a collection of paint chips and I rummaged through them the other day matching them to the colours of this quilt.  I think I might use it as the inspiration for the colour scheme of my studio.

Anyway, have a great weekend, I know I will.  And my thoughts and love go out to everyone around the world struggling with illness or tragedy, hardship or grief.


  1. Wishing you a fabulous retreat, that will help perk things up for you.
    You too went to scientific school too! That's just how I like to do these things.......:-)
    Your Old Maid looks great, have fun quilting.

  2. Take a deep breath sis...looking back, last SUCKED big time for me, don't really know how I weathered it...but I did. Roll with the punches and I hope everyone else can too. Hugs

  3. Er, that be last YEAR sucked...!

  4. Have a great retreat..hope there is nottoomuch unpicking and plentyof R and R.


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