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Friday, March 2, 2012

Oh dear.  Doesn't this look awful?  We've got the sickies round here.  Or at least, she does.  I'm hoping it will remain at just her.  Poor little poppet.  She'd just finished having a wee.... ahh, 'regurgitate' inside and she told me that we should go and do this outside.  I left her too it knowing that she wouldn't need me again for at least 30 minutes (that's how long it's been between episodes).  I came back to find her like this.

"Just resting." she said.  We're off to the doctor soon.  I don't usually for tummy bugs, but this one just hasn't settled and she hasn't kept any liquid down for more than 12 hours.

Have a nice and well weekend everyone.


  1. Hi, hope she picks up quickly, it's not very nice for them when they aren't feeling too good.

  2. Seems to be lots of nasties going around at the moment - and ones that last for several days. So far, touch wood - we've been OK. Hope it stays "confined" to the one, not the two, three or four.

  3. We've got back to schoolitis round here. W brought home a monster cold and it appears to want to try us all out one by one. J has already brought home a tummy thing too - fortunately not too bad. I am waiting to see what comes home next!

    Hope you littlie gets better soon.


  4. Poor girl. Hope she gets better soon. I hate tummy bugs!!

  5. aww..poor wee thing. Your post reminded me of a "bug" I had when I was propably a similiar age. I remember feeling so lousey, and "rocking" myself in the fetal position. Some bugs are real nasty. I hope your little princess is feeling better soon!

  6. We're still fignthing the bug here, too! So far seems to ebe confined to kids only, but all three have had it now - the diabetic son has the most trouble shaking it off. May the force be with you!!!

  7. Aww, poor baby. Sad, sad photo!


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