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Monday, March 19, 2012

My studio is finally going to happen.

See that funny looking house in the picture below?  Well that's where I live.  See the dark and empty-looking, not-quite-closed-in-room to the left?  Well, that's going to be my studio.  And it's been going-to-be for a long time.  But on the weekend, Hubby told me that he's had the go-ahead and he's asked our builder (nicknamed Speedy, because he is) to come see him today.  So it's likely he'll start this week (because he's got no work on at present - how convenient for us!).
The dry spot on the gravel is where my car was a moment before.  That's the kitchen window you can see and the shed, aka 'man-cave', on the left.
Below you can see it a little closer.  It was one bay of the three-bay shed our house used to be.  Behind the white door  is a sectioned off room that holds the bathroom and laundry.  So these are 'before' photos.  And it's so great to be finally taking them!

The door you can see on the right wall of the above photo is our back door at the moment, it leads into our kitchen.  It will end up being an internal door.

You can see that same door to the right in the picture above.  And you can see into the laundry on the left.  The wall between the freezer and laundry will be partially demolished so the laundry facilities will end up being in my studio - but to compensate I'll get an extra long bench that I can dye and paint on.  There will be a door put in the laundry to the back of the house and our clothes line will be out back instead of on our deck like it is now.  It'll be great to be able to utilise the area behind the house too - it's difficult to access so sorely neglected at present.

The photo above is taken as I stood in the doorway leading into the kitchen.  That wall in the right will stay there to divide the bathroom off from my studio and there will be another wall at the same angle that open door is now.  That corner where there is a lonesome cupboard door leaning is where my fabric cupboard is going to go.  So excited!

Above you can see where our floor steps down to a platform.  This is where our front door will be - on the step between the two kiddies.  At the right, the floor will be extended out to the front of the platform. The outside wall will then run along the side of the platform, basically making our front door in a bit of an alcove.

So the floor you can see in this picture above will extend out to the pole, gaining about another metre and a half of floor.  There will be glass french doors here and a window above them to maximise natural light.  And because I can't have any windows in the wall between my studio and Hubby's shed, we're going to put in some solar tubes, which are essentially skylights but insulated so they don't lose heat.  Where the picture is hanging is where my design wall will be.

Sorry if you find my descriptions a bit confusing, but hopefully you get the picture.  And if all goes to plan, soon I'll be able to update you with 'progress' shots!


  1. Looks great - can't wait to visit and drool. I'm only a little bit jealous, one day it will be me. Just like a kitchen, remember the work flow triangle - cutting mat, sewing machine, ironing board - and make the design wall as big as you can, have two if possible. And I think you should have somewhere nice to sit and have a coffee and contemplate - what better way to relax than in the presence of fabric.

  2. Oh yes! Think HUGE design wall. And in front on the french doors is going to be a comfy chair, but it will be tea I'll drink not coffee ;)

  3. Exciting!! It'll make such a difference having your own space!!! Wishing you 'speedy' trouble-free building :-)

  4. Yeeeeha! Your own space, you can be messy , roll in fabric...all with door closed.You goooooo speedy!


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