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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Introducing Rumpelsteakskin

A week ago I approached the dairy farmer down the road to see if he had any bobby calves I could buy off him. He only had two cows left to go, this little guy had just been born and when the other one went we could have that too.

Unfortunately his herd mate is now part of the maternity mortality statistics and so we have only the one. He arrived today and is VERY cute. I know his eyes look devilish with the flash, but imagine liquid honey.....and so I named him Rumpelsteaksin to remind myself that I will be eating him eventually.

So tomorrow morning I have to teach this feisty little guy who will be missing his mummy, how to drink from a calfeteria (aka a sugar bucket with a humongous rubber teat in the side of it).

Wish me luck!

And now, to bed. Feeling a little fatigued after two 12 hour night shifts in a row.

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  1. LOVE the name!! He is beautiful - hope this one stays out of your young trees.


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