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Thursday, November 12, 2009


Saleyards are fun!

Especially when you come home with some new animals.

Pics tomorrow, but I now have;

Black Pudding: a four day old black heifer calf, probably mostly Angus,

Gloria: a sweet wee Jersey heifer calf who I hope will become my house cow in a couple of years,

Bunty Beef: a slightly older, chocolate coloured calf, guessing Murray Grey/Jersey/Angus, named Bunty because that's what she did to my backside when I took the bucket of milk off her,

Henrietta Hereford Hamburger: another slightly older, red and white calf who is currently spending the night out in the cold as she escaped the pen and YOU try tackling a frightened 45kg calf travelling at racehorse speed!

Two of these (we've yet to decide which two) will end up in my friend's paddock. It will probably be the two we can catch at the time (but not Gloria!).

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  1. Looking forward to pictures. Love the names, definitely carrying on the theme. The kids still talk about Sausage or Mince or whoever it was they ate the last time we were over - yum!! Hugs to the kids - XXOXX.


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