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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Morning moosings.

Rumpelsteakskin. He's finished his milk and now nibbling on a little meal, but he'd rather have more milk please.

Henrietta Hereford Hamburger, who has always shunned my attentions. She's really only hanging around because her mates think I'm alright. Oh, and there's calf meal on the offing.

And this little beauty came to visit today. Both my kidlets have butterfly nets, given to them by I can't remember who. I don't really like the idea of them, chasing down innocent little beasties just for fun. (Says me who was earlier scrabbling around on hands and knees catching slaters to feed to my two new turkey poults.) But if they hadn't had one, I had no way of stopping this little guy from buzzing himself to death on my ceiling. And actually, the kids have only ever used the nets to catch each other...


  1. Hahaha, yes of COURSE that's what the nets are for, oh, my two would do exactly the same! I am still very tickled by your calves names...

  2. My little blonde entomologist loves your dragonfly photo. She has a clear container with a magnifying lid that she sneaks up on bugs with and then can view in detail before letting them go. She draws the line at cockroaches though - thank goodness!


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