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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hand Dyed Fabric on the Warm Side of the Colour Wheel

Just a quick post today with some of my recent hand dyeing.  It's a quick post because I'm busy getting ready for beginners class tonight and sewing up samples and writing instructions.  It seems to take a stack of time!

I was aiming for some more 'ish' kind of colours - not pure hues and I also wanted some tints (colour with white added, which with dye is diluted dye).  The second photo was dyed light orange then folded and one edge rested in pure dye.  I love the effect the wicking action gave.

I also dyed some silk.  I expected lighter colours than I got because silk tends to dye a little lighter than cotton, but the colour I used as a base for all these (I was trying out a series theory) is a pretty tenacious colour.  I must remember that in future!

I wish you could see the lustre of the silk, just yummy.


  1. Yummy colours Charlotte, looks like experimenting is the way to go - you'll never know what you are going to come up with!

  2. Lovely colours, especially the silk.

  3. Lovely colours...

    I've got designs on a bag of party ice and some powdered dyes :) We also did some marbling which was interesting only I don't really want to cut them up to use.


    ps I finished my Dear Jane, put it in the exhibition and it sold!!! That was kind of unexpected to say the least.

  4. What a beautiful array of colours! I particularly like the silks. Wish I could feel them!

  5. Love those silks! Colours super!


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