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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Work In Progress Saturday

I know, no alliteration, but I can never seem to get in step for Work In Progress Wednesday.  So, as my Dad would say, you can like it or lump it.

This is my challenge quilt for the Dorothy Collard Challenge.  Do you like the swallow quilted in and shaded lightly?  Can you see the shading?  

I have to get a hurry on for this quilt.  It needs to be in Auckland for 5th April and I'm going to have to post it due to husbands and hunting trips and other inconveniences.  But I'm thinking I'll try and get down for the opening night of the exhibition, that'll be fun.  

Hmmm, just had a thought.  Does one dress up for that sort of thing?  Yikes, maybe it won't be fun after all.  My country bumpkin uniform is jeans and tee shirt...


  1. Looking good. You just be 'you' if Jeans are you, then go for it! You could posh it up a bit with a pretty top?

  2. Looking interesting, now if you were coming to Wellington the jeans would be just fine, don't know about Auckland though!

  3. Yes, I can see the shading and like the quilting - although hard to tell without seeing the whole thing ... I hope you post a full pix once its been viewed by the judges.
    You know me - get your glad rags on. You should have brought that gorgeous dress in Taupo - I knew you'd have places to wear it :-)

  4. Lovely piece - having known Dorothy many years ago I should think she would go for the glad rags look!

  5. Hi there - saw your quilt finished in Auckland on hand in day and as I was admiring it, I was told that it was made by 'young Charlotte'! I thought you might like that.... go with the jeans and I'll join you - be good to catch up
    (Annie of the two sewing sisters!!)


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