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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

By Candlelight.

I found this picture on my camera and wanted to share.  It's from the other day when we had a 24 hour power cut thanks to Cyclone Ita.  After dinner we lit candles and coloured in.  Actually, the kids request me to draw pictures and then they colour them.  That night it was a flying unicorn, a winged snake breathing fire, a crown and a water problems, right?  Mum's can do anything!


  1. Look like happy kids - a nice adventure to create by candlelight. We didn't lose power but wouldn't've been surprised if we did - we had some good gusts at times!

  2. We didn't lose power but it was a big storm alright, sadly our shade sail came a cropper!

  3. We had this game which was only played by candlelight in front of the fire when the power went out (as it often did where we were). Usually there was a mad computer device with lots of slaters living in it and we would come up with things for them to do and wear.

    lots of fun

  4. Those are the nights everyone goes to bed early! Luckily our power wasn't off... although it was a wicked storm. Not so good for my workmate who is living in a caravan...


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