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Friday, April 11, 2014

What I saw this morning...

My ducks eating their breakfast.  Ducks are rude and loud and obnoxious, then they shut up as soon as their beaks are full....hmmm, sounds like a few people I know.

Wildpuss, pretending to be a tiger.  He's not a fastidious cat and doesn't mind the dew.

Emma saying good morning to Wildpuss and Wildpuss not looking so amused.  Don't worry, WP, I don't like the wet nose either!

Them's thar turkeys on thar hills!

I love this one.  She looks like she's saying, "We are not amused," in her best posh voice.  As in, we are not amused that you are taking pictures BEFORE you feed us.

Such an enthusiastic, dopey dawg.  Being a labrador, trained as a gun dog, Emma feels she has to carry something in her mouth at all times.  Today she's found a bit of wood.  Usually it's a rock, which is bad.  Check out her blunted tooth.  She will drop them when we tell her too, but as soon as our back is turned...

And another pretty sunrise.  Can't help myself, I've a million shots of pretty sunrises.


  1. I love all the shots! Keep em coming!

  2. What a beautiful part of the world! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I think your photos are great. I especially like the one of the ducks! Its a beautiful place where you live.

  4. Beautiful! Love Emma--I just want to love her up when I look at these pictures. She needs her ears scratched for sure! And Doofus used to occasionally carry rocks around--now we just keep him supplied in tennis balls, which he stashes in strategic locations around the yard to be found as a great surprise treasure later on when he'd forgotten all about them.... I love looking at the photos of your part of the world--gorgeous!

  5. Our lab cross was Emma too! She was a black lab. We had her from when she was 6 till she died after being hit by a car when she was 12! Now we are dog sitting another lab cross, a golden lab. She loves to carry things around in her mouth too but her favourites are stuffed toys would you believe. Her absolute favourite is a little teddy. She is so cute wondering around with it. She actually belongs to friends and we often dog sit her but this will be her last stayover. They are moving down much closer to Brisbane so we aren't close enough to look after her when they go away


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