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Friday, April 25, 2014

Cargo Duffle, done.

I've had my eye on Anna Noodlehead's Cargo Duffle pattern for a while.  It's a free download from the Robert Kaufman website.

A week or two ago I was feeling bogged down with deadlines and requests and work and and and....

So I did what any good quilter does, I started something new!  I just picked it up now and again and sewed a little bit and before I knew it, I had me a finished cargo duffle.

I used a Moda Bella solid, Graphite I think, for the main body, Moda Bella Green for the pockets and inner binding, an Ikea decorator weight cotton print for the lining and a retro fabric I picked up in Australia for the base and handle feature.

The pattern was fairly straight forward, although I'd class it as intermediate.  I appreciated the extra clarifications Anna Noodlehead blogged about recently - they made it clearer about how to attach the binding inside, but it was still my least favourite part of the job.

In fact, the next one I make (because there will be more!) will have a lining in it courtesy of a tutorial written by Kristin at Skirt As Top.

It's sturdy and functional and I love the fabrics I picked.  And my kids admired it so much that I let them pick out fabrics for their own cargo duffles.  Apologies for the photo quality, I was taking it for my records rather than for publishing but I thought I'd show you and let you guess what gender child picked which pile...

Cat - recognise that second fabric down?  O loves it and there's the perfect amount for handle features.
So, if you're looking for an overnight bag or a carry-on bag, why don't you try this pattern?  You can go and see a heap of fabric combinations at the Noodlehead Flikr group.  Have fun!


  1. Very FLASH! I can just imagine you swanning off to a secret location... or going camping with it! Do you think you'd actually use the outer domed pockets? Or are they really there for looks?

  2. Great bag! The lining fabric is awesome!

  3. Fantastically good. Well done. Missing your podcast and check for you everyday. Your podcasts are really the best. Please don't give up.

    1. Hi Peggy, thanks for your sweet comment. Don't worry, I'm not giving up podcasting, I just have kids at home for school holidays and they are noisy wee things. Plus I have a cold and sound like a frog ;). You'll here from me again soon!

  4. Great looking bag!! I'm not surprised the kids are lining up for one as well!

  5. Great looking bag!! I'm not surprised the kids are lining up for one as well!

  6. Beautiful bag! And yes, I recognise that fabric, so glad O likes it too.


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