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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Thanks Brandy Lynn!

Canadian Quilt Talk is a relatively new podcast and the host, Brandy Lynn Maslowski is working really hard to forge herself a career in quilting, which is great to see (and hear!).

I sent in a story for her weekly quilter's corner and got a bit of a thrill to hear it read out over the airwaves.  Even better was the lovely fat quarter bundle that was my prize!  You can hear my story on Episode 38

Northcott Fabrics are sponsoring Brandy Lynn and Canadian Quilt Talk.  Their tagline is 'cottons that feel like silk' - and they really do!  Fabulous quality, these got a bit of petting before I threw them in the washing machine.  Yes, I am a die hard pre-washer.

Here's a link to Brandy Lynn's website and podcast
And here's a link to her blog which will also take you to her podcast

Thanks Brandy Lynn and thanks Northcott!


  1. Nice :) I'm launching into another hexagon quilt tomorrow - this one is for William so no flowers. I have one!!! dear Jane square left to finish :)


  2. Love the fabrics! happy creating.

  3. Congratulations! I am also a fan of Brandy Lynn (being a Canadian and all), and I enjoyed hearing your story on her podcast.

  4. Nope, these colours don't look like "you" at all, I'm sure you'll have to find a nice "friend" who's failing on her fabric diet, and give them to her instead! Check out the new profile picture!

  5. Love it, it looks great, and congrats on selling it. Are the fabrics your own hand dyes? And what coloured pencils did you use?

    1. Hi Dianne. I think this comment was meant to be on my 'Freedom from Physiology' feather quilt. Some of the fabrics are my hand dyes, some are painted, some are shot cottons. I use prismacolor coloured pencils. They are lovely and soft and cover well.

  6. wow. Lovely prize. i am listening my way though her podcast. Haven't come to yours yet but no doubt will get tehre


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