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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cubbys on a rainy Saturday.

There is a grumpy sad boy in there.  But a cubby does wonders for kids.  Their own space.  Somewhere to contemplate the world, close to the family, but separate too.  Privacy. 

I yearn for that sometimes.  Privacy with small children just doesn't really happen.  And it's not the kind of privacy that you need when in the bathroom (with small children I lost the need for that loooong ago).  It's the kind of privacy where you can shut yourself in a room and work uninterrupted when the muse hits.  The kind of privacy where you can lay your work down and it stays laid in exactly the same place, not whipped off to become a cloak or a blanket for the cat.  The kind of privacy where my sketch book is MY sketch book and doesn't get taken away and filled with scribbles and doodles (cute though they are).  The privacy of your mind.  Thoughts not constantly interrupted with requests for food, cuddles, homework help, books, games, dinner....

Food does wonders for small sad boys too.  I slid an order of crackers, feijoas and a carrot under the sheet to the cubbyhole monster.  And minutes later I had a happy, playing boy. 

I don't think food is going to help me.  What I'm longing for is a weekend away.  Alone - that is - without children.  Much as I love my little devils darlings, I so need some time without them to recharge.  So I'm planning, and soon, soon, soon I'll be sewing and drawing and reading and walking and sitting staring at the wall if I want to, for three or four days.


  1. Oooh - a weekend away without children sounds like bliss!! As mum's we definitely need our recharge time, and we so rarely get it - we tend to put everyone and everything before ourselves.

  2. sounds like a little bit of heaven. I hope you get your re-charge soon. Maybe you need your own treehouse>? Complete with refer, stereo, wine chiller and design wall. Good luck finding your cubby, Elaine

  3. I just had a week with only one child - even those dynamics are different. Not that it matters who the child is. One away just changes things.

    It's always amazing how simple the things are that children play with. Pots&pans, a blanket, some chairs. - There. Contentment. No plastic monsters & Disney toys needed. Simplicity at its best.

    What a creative boy. What a creative mama you are, too! :-)

    Sending you best wishes for a getaway soon!


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