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Sunday, May 16, 2010

I love Sunday.

How cool is this colour and texture combination from my garden today?

My Sunday's seem to be very productive of late.  Saturday's are duck shooting days for Hubby so they are just me and the kids and it's hard to get anything done - I don't bother trying, really.  But Sunday's! 

Today I had a few hours to myself in the middle of the day when Hubby took the kids out, he needed to buy some new trousers.  But even before he'd gone, just having two adults around means that it's not always me that has to sort out the kids.  So I got stuck in and turned over a vege bed and planted more broccoli and cauliflower interspersed with pansies (aren't they the cutest flower ever?).

I shifted the rooster house in the rooster pen that was shading my vege garden as the sun lowers it's arc in the sky.  Heavy, but Hubby was busy shooting pesky, chook-food-eating sparrows for me. 

The wee rabbits are seven weeks old now so I separated mummy bunnies from babies and penned the babies separately into female and male pens.  Cute, but feisty, and I have scratches all over my belly. 

I planted my first tree of the season (only about 699 to go, but luckily they haven't all arrived yet).

And I had several cups of tea in silence and did some more cutting and bonding for my mother-in-law's quilt.  I hung out washing, I even vacuumed!

Later when the kidlets and Hubby got home, we took the trailer down to our secret roadside quarry and got another trailer load of rocks and I unloaded them all and built a garden edge with them. 

And now I'll sleep well and look forward to tomorrow.  Hope you sleep well too.


  1. That is such a pretty picture! The colors of nature. So abundant. And wow! Amazing what you got done.

  2. Sounds like my lind of sunday. great!


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